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14 Signs Your Dog Considers You Its Mother

Dog Behavior

Do you often wonder what your dog thinks about you? Or if your dog sees you as its mother? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot! This article will delve into the intriguing mind of your furry friend, and lay out 14 signs your dog considers you its mother.

Meta-Description: Discover the 14 signs that suggest your dog may consider you its mother. Dive into this intriguing exploration of dog behavior, and learn how your canine companion may be seeing you as their family.

We all adore our four-legged pals, don’t we? There’s a good reason they’re called “man’s best friend.” But have you ever paused to think if your furry friend sees you as more than just a food provider? Do they perhaps see you as their mother? Let’s explore the possibility together.

1. They Follow You Everywhere

A Dog’s Version of ‘Mom Knows Best

Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild, they follow their mother everywhere. Your dog sticking to you like glue could be a sign that they see you as their mother. They might follow you around the house, waiting for you outside the bathroom, or even trail behind you in the yard.

2. They Listen to Your Commands

Obedience: A Sign of Respect and Trust

If your dog listens to your commands, it’s not just because they want a treat. It’s a clear sign of respect and trust – just like the bond between a pup and its mother. A well-trained dog considers your word as law, indicating they perceive you as a guiding figure, much like a mother.

3. They Snuggle With You

Cuddle Time: A Tale of Comfort and Safety

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle session with their dog? When dogs cuddle, it’s more than just seeking warmth. They are establishing a bond and expressing trust and affection, much like a child would with their mother.

4. They Make Eye Contact With You

The Windows to the Soul

The bond between a mother and her pup is deeply rooted in trust, and trust often starts with eye contact. If your dog maintains eye contact with you, they’re saying, “I trust you, and I feel safe with you.” Sounds familiar? That’s how pups interact with their mothers!

5. They Check Up on You

When Your Dog Plays Mother Hen

Ever noticed your dog occasionally peeping at you or coming over to check up on you? That’s a clear sign they care about your well-being. Pups often follow their mothers around for protection and comfort, and this behavior can translate to your relationship with your dog.

6. They Get Jealous

Guarding Their Favorite Human

Does your dog get jealous when you’re petting another dog? If yes, this could be a sign they see you as their mother. In a dog’s world, this behavior is their way of protecting their family.

7. They’re Calm During Your Departures and Arrivals

Quiet Confidence: A Sign of Trust

If your dog doesn’t make a big fuss when you leave or come back home, that’s a sign of trust and security. They know you’ll return, much like a pup is sure its mother will return.

8. They Get Excited When You Play With Them

Playtime is Bonding Time

When your dog gets excited during playtime, it’s more than just about the fun. It’s also a bonding exercise. In the wild, mother dogs play with their pups as part of socializing them.

9. They Accept Your Scolding

Understanding Boundaries: The Hallmark of Respect

Like human children, pups make mistakes and need to be corrected. If your dog accepts your scolding, it’s because they respect you and understand they’ve overstepped.

10. They Show You Their Belly

The Ultimate Sign of Trust

When a dog exposes its belly, it’s the ultimate sign of trust. They’re putting themselves in a vulnerable position, indicating they feel safe with you.

11. They Bring You Their Favorite Toy

Gift-Giving: A Token of Affection

When your dog brings you their favorite toy, it’s a token of love and affection. It’s their way of including you in their joy, just like they would with their mother.

12. They Lean on You

Leaning: A Silent Declaration of Love

A dog leaning on you is a silent declaration of love and trust. It’s their way of showing that they’re comfortable with you, just like they would be with their mother.

13. They Bark and Whine When You’re Gone

Separation Anxiety: A Cry for Mom

If your dog gets anxious when you’re gone, it’s a cry for their mother figure. They miss you and long for your return, a clear sign of their attachment to you.

14. They Protect You

Your Furry Knight in Shining Armor

Does your dog growl or bark when someone approaches you in a way they don’t like? They’re showing a protective instinct, similar to what they would feel towards their mother.


  1. Does my dog see me as its mother or pack leader? It’s possible that your dog sees you as both. You provide food, shelter, and love, and guide them – roles similar to a mother and pack leader.
  2. What if my dog doesn’t show all these signs? Each dog is different. They might show some signs but not others, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean they don’t see you as their mother.
  3. Can I reinforce the mother-dog relationship? Yes, you can. Spending quality time with your dog, training, and socializing with them can reinforce your bond.
  4. Does breed influence the dog-mother bond? All breeds have the capacity to bond with their human. However, some breeds may show more dependency due to their historical roles.
  5. Does my dog’s age affect how they see me? Puppies tend to be more attached, but dogs of all ages can form a strong bond with their humans.
  6. How can I tell if my dog trusts me? Look for signs such as maintaining eye contact, exposing their belly, and being calm during your departures and arrivals.

Dog behavior can be quite fascinating! From following you around to accepting your scolding, your dog could be showing signs that they see you as their mother. The bond between you and your dog is unique, beautiful, and certainly worth cherishing.

Remember, these signs are general behaviors and may vary depending on your dog’s personality and breed. Regardless, the love and companionship dogs offer us are irreplaceable and one of the greatest joys in life.

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